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Waltham Museum Archives

Thanks to 30 years of donations from our members and the general public, the Waltham Museum has an archives section that we are very proud of. Twelve 4-draw filing cabinets contain anything from A. T. Ball to Yolanda. Information is readily available for historical research.

Phyllis Kerr of Waltham donated the Waltham High graduation picture of 1934. Arthur N. Burke was the principal. Albert Perna who was in the D-Day invasions and wrote the book "The Glider Gladiators," graduated that year. Anthony Giardina who won the Silver Star during World War II was also a graduate. This was one of those classes that made up the "Great Generation."  Other items in the donation were two long group pictures of J. L. Thomson outings. One was at the Stow Country Club in 1936 and the other was at the Assabett Country Club in 1937. Another long group picture was of the Lincoln Department Store outing at Fieldston, MA in 1937. The Lincoln store was located at the corner of Moody and Spruce Sts. A fifth long picture of the Waltham High School Band at Washington, D.C. on June 4, 1934 was included. The band was returning from the National Band Contest in Des Moines, Iowa.  21 photographs of Waltham scenes after the 1938 hurricane, 2 photographs of the Waltham Watch Company, 2 classroom photographs of elementary school children in 1918 and the other an earlier year, a photograph of a minstrel show ©1930, a Waltham notebook, a biographical booklet on Philippe Nicol, and an 1895 booklet of Waltham's city officials completed this fine donation. (May 2001)

Tony Romano of Framingham donated a group picture of the Waltham High School Football Team in 1941. Connie Erickson who played on this team with Romano identified almost all of the players. (May 2001)

Marion E. (Bailey) Talbot of Waltham donated the Waltham High graduation picture of 1924. Her late husband, Lawrence Talbot graduated that year. He worked for the W. H. Nichols Company for many years. Thelma Eaton, Lawrence Elliott and Frank Collins all graduated in 1924 and they became teachers in Waltham. Included in this donation was the 1924 graduation day program, 35th and 50th reunion pictures, the 1940–1945 W. H. Nichols hardcover book of company employees in group pictures, a separate Nichols’ group photograph, plus news clippings of historical interest about Waltham. (May 2001)

The Waltham Trivia game put out by the Lions Club was donated to the museum by an unknown person.

Howard Badger of Waltham, a member, has donated a wooden watch jewel case which holds over 500 glass tube containers of jewels, balance staffs, etc. for watches. These cases where issued by the old Waltham Horological School on Crescent Street. An enclosed chart identified each watch part, which could be reordered at the Waltham Horological School. Also enclosed was a parts order slip of 1926 made out to James Lynch of 9 Tolman Street in Waltham who worked for the watch factory. (September 2001)

Mr & Mrs. Edward Bennett of Waltham donated a glass-framed picture of the 1936 Waltham Hospital staff. Some of the doctors shown in the picture are Charles Bell, Conrad Bell, Nathaniel Brackett, Richard Collins, John Curtin, Otho Dascombe, Irving Fraim, Benjamin Fuller, James Gallagher, H. Gallupe, James Lewis, Ray McCarty, Fred MacDonald, Roland MacKenzie, Arthur Manning, Dwight O’Hara and Henry Wood. Also donated was a photograph of the 1916 Knights of Columbus banquet in the Nutting’s ballroom. Former president William Howard Taft was the guest of honor. Both pictures and one copy came from the home of Dr. Curtin. George Coleman of DeWolfe Real Estate assisted in this donation. (September 2001)

Arthur Uhlir of Weston donated a 5” x 12” watchmakers lathe with accessories and in its original box. This Precision Model Lathe No. 1 was made by the Massachusetts Tool Company of Greenfield, MA. Also donated was a mechanical calculator, circa WWII. (September 2001)

Joe Adshade of Waltham, a member, donated a set of pictures of old Waltham, which were put out by the old Waltham Savings Bank around 1915. (September 2001)

Paula Clancy of West Newton donated four publications on the Waltham High School class of 1926; Graduation Exercise, Class Statistics, 25th Anniversary book, and 50th reunion book. Also 26 photographs of the 1926 students. Paula’s aunt, Helen “Cherub” Souza was a member of the 1926 class. Also donated were 3 South Junior High group photographs c1922 and a photograph of the 1926 Waltham High Championship Football Team. Two 1908 postcards of Waltham completed this donation. This donation was made possible through the aid of Paula’s friend Diane Quagliozzi. Dave Henry also assisted. (July 2001)

Frank Maloney of Waltham donated a large aerial view photograph of the Raytheon building and the Bleachery buildings when it was occupied by Raytheon in the 1950s and 1960s.  As an employee of Raytheon, Frank identified all of the buildings shown. (July 2001)

Richard McElhiney of New Jersey donated a photograph of boxer John Daly, a bantamweight fighter from Waltham, who won the Silver Medal in the 1928 Olympics in Holland. (July 2001)

Anthony Rando of Waltham donated red, white and blue spools of thread used by his mother, Angelina Giardina Rando, when she worked for the Boston Manufacturing Company in 1924 making dresses. She later worked for Puritan Dress. Also donated were four Civil Defense helmets used by his father James Rando in 1941when he was with the Waltham CD. Other helmets belong to Pat Mobilia and Angelo Toranto. A gas mask used by Mobila was also included. (July 2001)

Dot Smith of Waltham, a member, donated two photographs of W. H. Nichols employees and managers. Robert Henry, her father, was a close friend of Mr. Nichols. In the 15-year group photograph he is the machinist seen on the top left. (July 2001)

Hope Lincoln of Waltham donated a 1921 graduation picture of Waltham High School. (July 2001)

Harold Badger of Waltham, a member, donated the Waltham High School Graduation picture of 1930. (July 2001)

Bill Deane of the Mass Air Historical Society donated a cassette with a recorded interview of the late Robert Warren of Waltham (1892-1990). Warren lived at 30 Weston Street and was a pioneer in glider flying. In 1909 he built and flew a glider off Prospect Hill. Young Walter Metz assisted him in this flight. Later he and his father, George Frederick Warren of 22 Weston Street (where Walgreens is today) formed the Waltham Aeronautical Society. Earlier, Warren Sr. conducted numerous experiments in kite flying.  Also donated was a copy of the 1912 letter from the Hobach Aeroplane Company of 157-165 High Street (the old Mass Hardware warehouse). The letter is to G. N. Albree of Swampscott, Massachusetts and reads in part, “Dear Sir, We beg to announce the opening of our school of aviation which we are now operating in conjunction with our business of aeroplane manufacturing….” the letter was signed by Thomas Chew, Secretary. The letterhead shows John Barrows as president and Henry R. Hoyle as treasurer.  In our March 1989 newsletter we wrote about the Gillespie Company on Linden Street, which tried to build airplanes in 1917. They were doing this on the side as their main business was as building contractors on Plympton Street. All this information adds to the history of aviation in Waltham. A slide show on Waltham’s aviation history will be given to the Air Historical Society at the Bedford Airport on January 8, 2002. (January 2002)

Michael Cleary of Waltham donated a cartridge of blank bullets, which adds to the exhibits in the Military Room. (January 2002)

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