Everything you need to know about the construction of a warehouse

Everything you need to know about the construction of a warehouse

According to data prepared by Insider Intelligence, the growth rate of global e-commerce in
2015-2020 was at least 20% per year. By 2026, this dynamics will remain at a double-digit rate, i.e. above 10% per year. To secure e-commerce logistics as well as traditional trade, new storage halls are needed. They must be optimally designed, cheap not only during
construction, but also during many years of use.

Main goals of warehouse halls

The main goals of the halls are to store materials necessary for the production of products,
as well as to store semi-finished and finished products. Some logistics companies also offer
so called order packaging that is carried out in the e-commerce channel.

Warehouse location

One of the key elements of operating in the logistics business is flexibility and the ability to
adapt to changing market conditions. Modern, steel-made warehouses perfectly match this
trend. Ultramodern designing methods allow not only to design the right design, but also to be dismantled if necessary and moved to another location.

Investment process

The construction of a new warehouse is quite complicated. You need to estimate the
budget, buy the right plot, check the investment from the legal side, and most importantly – choose the best possible subcontractor who will build the hall in accordance with the
budget and construction schedule.

How to choose a good construction subcontractor?

As the construction of a steel hall like any investment in commercial real estate is a
significant cost, it is worth choosing a contractor who will make a comprehensive valuation
of the work before starting construction. In addition, it will ensure timeliness and quality of
implementation and will use modern construction solutions.

It is also important that the hall manufacturer adapts the project to the investors needs,
including appropriate selection of structures for the type of business or distribution and size
of production and storage space. The needs for high storage are also significant.

It is also important to advise on energy efficiency, aesthetics and warehouse design
https://kobexprojekt.eu/en/offer/warehouse-buildings/. Finally, it is worth ensuring that
the hall and office rooms are completely finished after prior security inspection by a
technical team specialized in this area. The company that meets all of the above-mentioned
requirements is definitely Kobex.


The construction of new warehouse halls is necessary, which results from a steady, dynamic
increase in trade. Location selection, legal security, finding an experienced construction
subcontractor are among the key elements of the investment process.


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