Plan your English lessons faster and more effectively!

Plan your English lessons faster and more effectively!

ESL Lesson Plans from English4tutors have been created to support the work of every tutor who conducts English lessons for adults. Variety is the word that best describes the materials we create. Why? Because every lesson is different, that is, it focuses on different topics, has a different language level and a different duration. Thanks to all this, you can choose materials that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your lesson and your learners! Being on our website, you are sure not to get lost in the vastness of the materials because you can easily use the filtering function to find the topic you look for that will be interesting for you and for adults you teach!

All materials in one place

A huge convenience is that all the ESL Lesson Plans we have created are in one place. This enables you to quickly find the topics you need to work on during your next lessons. There are many topics in our categories that have been specially created for English lessons for adults. You can choose from categories such as:

  • Technology
  • Business
  • Leisure time
  • Travels
  • Art/fashion

Thanks to our diverse ESL Lesson Plans, you can create a lesson plan tailored to the needs and interests of your learners! And you can do it all in a short period of time. This was the idea behind the creation of these plans. The plans were primarily intended to relieve busy tutors and make it easier for them to plan their lessons methodically. Moreover, they should be varied in order to arouse the interest of adult learners. Boring topics and materials do not bring the intended results. That is why every lesson is a set of not only attractive materials, but also tips and explained learning objectives, so that it is clear when and for what purpose to use the materials. We are sure that thanks to ESL Lesson Plans your learners will notice and appreciate your solid preparation for every lesson.

Interesting materials for every lesson

The variety of materials means that the lesson plans can be used by all tutors, during any lesson, regardless of their experience and the teaching objective they wish to achieve. The materials are attractive not only for tutors but also for adults. Every material has been carefully created both in terms of content and visual aspect. All this will help you make the adult learners interested in your lessons and take an active part in them. In this way, they will share your passion for English language and look forward to the next lesson!


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