How to ask for a raise?

How to ask for a raise?

You haven’t received a raise for a long time? Your boss keeps selling you off and his promises don’t match reality? Do you feel that you should earn much more with your skills and experience? Take matters into your own hands and carefully plan the conversation for a raise! How to ask for a raise?

Talking about a raise – how to plan it to have a chance of success?

First of all, you need to remember two things:

  • First of all, you can’t count on the increase coming to you alone. You must “fight” her.
  • Secondly, there is no talk about a raise on the run, catching the boss between meetings in the corridor.

It’s best to simply let your supervisor know that you would like to meet and talk about your development in the company or, for example, new responsibilities and challenges that you undertake. You don’t have to immediately announce that you want to talk about a raise. Your boss expects it anyway. In some companies the pay rise system is very formalized and so-called request for a raise.

Scenario and list of reasons why you should get a raise

In your head you can create a scenario of such a meeting and conversation. It is known that there may be several variants of the situation development, so create them, analyze them. Save and practice. Do not go to the meeting with “empty hands”, get ready in advance. Examine the list of specific reasons why you deserve a raise. Present them in a logical and convincing way. Also, don’t be surprised, have several options for developing your conversation. I will repeat: write them down and practice them, preferably aloud, to ensure some peace of mind when implementing the intended guidelines:

First of all, make a list of your achievements, you can mention the recent extension of responsibilities at work; about additional tasks you have undertaken; about new strategies that you have initiated that you have initiated and about any plans (projects) that you want to develop further. It all increases the results of your work activities, so show it.

How to ask for a raise?

Use proactive words, i.e. future, development, satisfaction, growth, sales, generate, profit, motivation, company, results, positive, ambitions, results, success …

You can also create a copy for your boss after writing such a list, so that he can visually and tangibly see your progress at work.

Ask after your “great” achievement

So you just gained a new customer or created an outstanding offer that increases the margin on the x product by 80%? Or maybe you have doubled your performance in topic Y? Oh and it’s a good time to ask for a raise. Use the power of your success! Remember: do not ask when you fail something and you will not take care! Ask when you have wind in your sails, after your success, even the smallest one. And you can always take advantage of the moment after completing an important task that went through the thought, and you had some share in it.

Do not play with a life situation

It is not worth relying on emotions and base your request for a raise on emotional reasons, such as life situation. The best are specific arguments and everything that will affect the more efficient operation of the company.

Before taking up the topic of a raise, it’s worth thinking about the amount that will be satisfactory. When determining this amount, it is worth using payroll reports and analyzing the existing payroll movements in the company.


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