How to cheaply refresh your IKEA sofa in the living room?

How to cheaply refresh your IKEA sofa in the living room

Is your living room looking boring? Do you think that the current arrangement has become
dull? If you are increasingly thinking about changing the pieces of decor in your home,
check what you can do with IKEA covers to make your guests speechless when they enter
your interiors.

Change the furniture arrangement

A few small moves of a few furniture pieces in your living room can make it look so much
better there. Perhaps the current setting does not let you enjoy the views from outside? Or
maybe the sofa and armchairs are set up against feng-shui principles.

Experiment with the arrangement of table, sofa, and armchairs to find the best solution that will refresh your living room. If the new position of the furnishings does not suit you, you can easily return to the previous configuration or consider another one.

Buy some cute accessories

When you decorated your apartment right after you moved in, you equipped it with
accessories that you liked so much then. However, time passes, and fashion changes along
with tastes of householders. The accessories, which certainly go match the color of the walls and furniture, are no longer eye-catching and blend in with the surroundings.
How about buying a new blanket for the sofa, a few soft cushions or a flower vase in an
energetic color for your living room? To keep your interiors looking stylish, decide to change accessories periodically. You can bet on a series of posters that change every season, curtains with inspiring patterns, or colorful tablecloths.

Try to embellish your furniture with slipcovers

Did you know that you can give your furniture pieces a completely new look in an easy and
low cost way? If you have worldwide popular IKEA furniture in your interiors, you can quickly make a metamorphosis by buying a new juicy-colored cover for your sofa.

IKEA sofa covers in the color you dream of are offered by the Soferia brand. Hand-made, stain-resistant seat covers will spectacularly change your interior character. Thanks to removable Soferia covers, you dont have to replace the entire piece of furniture or order professional cleaning service. The option to buy a cover is perfect when the original one has many signs of use.

As you can see, a spectacular metamorphosis of your living room can be carried out in a
simple way and with little cost. Thanks to a few small and smart tricks, your IKEA furniture
can look like new, and your refreshed apartment will surprise your guests.


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