How to increase testosterone?

How to increase testosterone?

Testosterone is the most important male hormone responsible for sexual function. Muscle mass, mood, self-confidence, bone density, sex drive and other functions depend on the amount of testosterone. Too little testosterone in the body causes a decrease in self-confidence, loss of libido and blockbuster. How to increase testosterone?

What causes a decrease in testosterone? 

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and irregular physical activity. During puberty, testosterone levels are necessary for proper body development. You should also remember that as you get older, testosterone drops naturally. This happens after the age of 30. That is why it is so important to take care of regularity in exercise or proper diet.

Appropriate training to increase testosterone

Training to increase testosterone should be strength. When performing such exercises, not only will this hormone be released, but we will also stimulate growth hormone. Weights include deadlift or squats. The faster we carry them out and carry more, the more testosterone will increase. While sprinting, we can also observe similar effects. If you do not have access to the gym and you want to maintain testosterone, you can do them.

How to increase testosterone?

Testosterone diet – protein

The level of this nutrient in the body is extremely important in all types of nutrition models, including the pro-testosterone diet. It is crucial that the level of protein (protein) is neither too low nor too high, because in both cases it leads to a decrease in the level of free testosterone. A diet that provides the right amount of calories and too much protein (more than 2g per kg body weight) increases the production of inspin-like growth hormone IGF (inspin-like growth factor), which becomes an antagonist for testosterone.

Insufficient supply of protein in the diet, with the optimal amount of calories, negatively affects testosterone levels and muscle mass content. Protein malnutrition may occur when the amount of protein in the diet is less than 0.69g per kg body weight for physically inactive people, and 1.76g for active people, respectively. The ratio of protein to carbohydrates in the diet is also important.

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Vegetarian and especially vegan diets also negatively affect testosterone levels. To maintain the highest level of testosterone, it should be remembered that at least half of the protein in the diet is a wholesome protein of animal origin, i.e.

  • eggs
  • dairy
  • meat
  • fishes

Testosterone lifting exercises 

Although fitness exercises are not as effective at regulating testosterone, they should not be abandoned. A good training plan that will improve your well-being and give you better health is essential. Therefore, you should remember about cardio, because it is the best that affects the work of the circulatory system. In turn, the testosterone level is significantly better affected by strength exercises, which should be performed according to the following principles:

  • engage many muscle groups at the same time (crossfit or kettlebells exercises, of which we write more in this article will certainly work);
  • do less repetitions, but increasing the load and improving the technique;
  • choose circuit training, because it does not provide breaks during the series (or you can simply shorten breaks in your training);
  • do not overtrain (remember to regenerate!).


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