How to edit PDF?

How to edit PDF?

The possibilities of the PDF format have evolved considerably over the years, but some people still have the misconception that PDF is a static format that cannot be edited. Sometimes you need to edit a paper document or change a PDF without having access to the source file. How to edit PDF?

Adobe Acrobat makes it easy to do so from anywhere. We will show you how to do it.

Making any changes

Change text and graphics directly in PDF files. Just click or tap to add a paragraph, correct a typo or change the order of the pages of a PDF document. You can even add images or crop your photo.

Editing from anywhere

Work efficiently wherever you are – the mobile Acrobat Reader is available for tablets and mobile devices. The PDF format allows you to work on any device.

New possibilities thanks to advanced tools

When editing entire pages, the PDF editor automatically adjusts paragraphs and formatting as you add text fields, lines, or bulleted lists.

How to edit PDF?

Instantly remove typos

The built-in spell checker automatically corrects the text. By using the search and replace functions, you can replace all occurrences of a word, phrase or date.

Editing PDF files

  • Open the file in Acrobat DC.
  • Click the Edit PDF Files tool in the right pane.

Using Acrobat editing tools

The options available in the Format list allow you to add and edit text, as well as change fonts.

By modifying items on the list of objects, you can add, replace and move images on the page, and resize them.

To edit other elements of the PDF, use the other tools. You can even add a watermark and annotations in the PDF document.

Saving the changed PDF: Name the file and click Save. And that’s all.

Web platform

You can also use the online platform. Usually it looks like this:

Drag and drop your PDF to the online PDF editor. In the preview, you can add text, images and shapes, or draw on it. Click “Apply” and download the PDF after editing.

Works on all devices

The online PDF editor works on all devices with Windows, Linux and Mac systems. We do not require installation or registration. Works in popular browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari.

Easy to use PDF editor

Thanks to the simpler interface, anyone can easily edit documents. Upload a document and add content with one simple click.

Program for secure PDF editing

Your privacy is protected by an increased level of security. Both our website and file transfer are secured by the latest SSL encryption protocols. Thanks to this, we guarantee 100% data security.

Convert to Word and edit the content of the original.

Edit the original content by converting the PDF file into a fully editable Word document using our PDF to Word tool.

Access from anywhere

The tool works 100% in the cloud on our secure servers. Thanks to this, our editor is available from anywhere, and this means that the edition does not use your computer’s resources.



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